3D printing (Also known as aerospace additive manufacturing) is an effective way to manufacture aircraft parts due to reduced production of wastes, faster production of products, and so many more advantages over traditional production. Thus, Aerospace organizations would heavily benefit from this very flexible and thriving industry. The Tallamond platform could easily assist companies and individuals in the distribution and selling of 3D printed parts.

One example of 3D printing already being used in the aerospace industry is the Boom XB-1, which would help Stratasys Ltd. and Boom Supersonic achieve their goals of commercializing supersonic travel. Another example of 3D printing’s involvement is an ice detector probe GKN Aerospace which detects temperature and amounts of ice in certain parts of the world.

One of the biggest challenges that comes with 3D printing is that the parts that get printed need to be compatible with aircraft designs and regulations. There also is the problem of who is technically responsible for the creation of such parts

As a result, the FAA has only approved of having parts 3D printed form a limited number of approved companies. Thus, the processes of fully incorporating 3D printers into aerospace manufacturing is going to take some time. Projects like Boom XB-1 and GKN’s Ice probe prove that 3D printing is already making a great contribution in this new generation of the manufacturing process of aircraft parts.