At Tallamond we take inspiration from other successful e-commerce sources. Amazon in particular inspires us, for Amazon is known as world-wide e-commerce business that has an unparalleled reputation. It’s also known to have wild business stories, such as ordering an out-of-stock book to stop from going bankrupt to the amazon servers using enough energy to blow a fuse in Jeff Bezos’ house. It’s easy to forget that such a big business started out as a small bookstore managed by Jeff Bezos out of his garage.

Back then several critics had doubt in the company’s ability to make profits until the turn of the century. Bezos held onto a very stern but dedicated mindset, and having left his old job at an investment firm, a lot of Bezos' “fear factor” helped drive him to success in amazon - however the support of his wife and his former boss also helped him though the risk and challenges. Bezos would later end up saying in an interview that the only thing he would regret is if he had not tried to start this business.

Amazon has also made use of robots in their warehouses - an army of 45,000 and growing - and having employees work long hours in their warehouses, while still providing them with exercise sessions and work related needs. Workers are also required to spend two day at customer service to understand customer interaction.

Innovation is a huge element of amazon success,for they are trying out new projects whenever they can; if the projects don't go as planned the company takes it as a lesson learned, but if the projects succeeds such as Amazon streaming it's a huge bonus for amazon. Right now, Amazon is opening up retail stores for books and integrating it’s Alexa AI into it’s cars.

Bezos has also stressed in his company that customers should orient their efforts around customers and not beating consumers, which may be the largest factor of of Amazon's global success. One way of doing this is they make sure to have as much variety of things online and they study what customers need and want. Another way is to compensate fully and immediately for poor behaviors or errors within their service. In the online world, word of mouth spreads fast and can reach millions in seconds, and Amazon is doing everything in their power to maintain a good reputation. And 15 years later of maintaining it, their efforts have really paid off.