Everyone is familiar growing up with the Business-to-Consumer (B2C) model. However if someone is looking for an area of great finical benefit, they should get involved in business-to-business practices (B2B). B2B involves business forming relations within the supplying process to help keep the flow of information or products going. Similar to commercial business, B2B companies operate in several areas such as brokering, translation, recruitment, advertising, relationship building, or selling security hardware or products. B2B deals with more expensive exchanges than in B2C, turning higher priced things like a new computer or a new full supply of utensils into products or services that their client business then turns into more affordable to the common person.

Tallamond is a fitting example of B2B marketing; we are an organization that helps fill requests for parts from other companies via quotes and bids while also delivering said parts to other airline businesses. Other well-known examples of B2B e-commerce companies (some of which can also be considered B2C business) are Hoot-suite, AMCE, Alibaba ,Xerox, Adobe, and Amazon Business

B2B does have many obvious differences with B2C; Sales cycles can be up to several weeks/months rather than immediate (You may also need to meet with a client up to ten times before they purchase your product), marketing needs to focus on how the relationship between business will be beneficial (and may require much industrial and financial knowledge rather than knowing cultural and customer trends), pricing is less standardized, and finding buyers among B2C markets can be a challenge especially when it relies a lot more on personal interaction than advertising. This calls for the need of a more strategics approach.

Luckily E-commerce and social media help alleviate those challenges in B2B practices, enabling more people to research opportunities and in that area more easily. Social media helps build awareness, credibility, and connections pretty fast. Thus, a B2B company can exist with a majority of it’s presence online. But the the end of the day what will help any company, gain sales, especially B2B, is to have persistence, communicate clearly and strategically, and hold a good reputation. And what could be more rewarding than being *the* business that helps keep other businesses going?