Tallamond has two offices; One in Redmond, Washington and the other in China. While originally established in 2012 in the Seattle area, the China branch currently consists of the Tuolo Beijing Company. We are planning on setting up offices in Shanghai and Chengdu to further assist the global supplying process. Speaking of supplying the aviation industry, China's involvement in the global aircraft industry began around 60 years before Tallamond was founded

On April 17, 1951, two years after the People's Republic came into power, the Chinese created the Aviation Industry Bureau to create an air defense force, which was personally overseen by Chairman Mao Zedong and Premier Zhou Enlai. Developing and improving the aviation industry was one of the highest priorities for China throughout the Cold War, and they worked alongside aviation industries in the Soviet Union up until it's collapse.

Despite existing for over 30 years, not many Chinese had traveled by air during the 1990s due to affordability and maintenance problems. In recent years, however, this industry has experienced such a huge overhaul that the national population to use for international and domestic travel just as much as foreigners do. With China’s increased involvement in aviation industries and production, the need for them to form partnerships within the aircraft industry also has grown. Additionally, this positive boom as has also caused a rise of buyers in China who seek aircraft parts from around the world.

An article in the Globaltimes urged tha because of China’s changes in their aviation industry, it’s important for suppliers to get involved in production chains in China. That’s where global aircraft suppliers like Tallamond come in. Whether you are a manufacturer or retailer, a big corporation or small aviation business, us suppliers help connect everyone to the buyers and the sellers they are looking for. With 90 percent of the manufacturers of the aircraft industry being small business (usually ones found in China), we’ve created a business portal and simple checkout process to encourage connection between industries around the world.

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