As a summary of our latest posts, China’s and India’s rise to power presents many opportunities for suppliers in the coming years. Thanks to improvements in the aircraft development and operation, along with a higher demand to travel form growing populations, both industries are going to experiencing a huge rise for the next two decades. While China’s Aircraft industry is flourishing with India following right behind it, other countries in Asia have different stories.

Russia’s industry is having trouble competing with Airbus and Boeing. Their solution is to have foreign airlines and aircraft makers pay more to enter, so that their local airlines such as Sukhoi Superjet and MC-21 can have a better competition. The only problems are that Russia has been extremely dependent on foreign aircraft for the past few years and that the local industry isn't fully ready for commercial airline service, due to not enough being aircraft produced or tested. Though some, especially Russian Prime Minister Dmitry Rogoz, take much pride in Russia stepping away from using foreign commercial airlines Russia could be stepping back into trusting in foreign airlines who are way ahead in terms of completion, production, and use. In late July, there have been hints of Russia working alongside China in their aviation industries.

Japanese Airlines is partnering with VietJet Boost, both companies being similar in size having networks to markets and places such as southeast Asia and America that they can share between each other. In preparation for the 2020 Olympics in Tokyo, IATA has requested that Japan “Improve its infrastructure ”. These improvements include making traveling to japan less expensive, increasing competition, and prepare for a flood of 40 million visitors. One notable improvement that low cost carriers have become more affordable but the rate of decline in their price is shrinking, some even joining larger airlines to continue cutting costs. We can assume that Japan may be needing an increase of suppliers in the coming years.