The e commerce market continues to grow as buying and selling online becomes more comfortable and flexible. Though only a few platforms will have experienced what an eCommerce platform known as Alibaba has experienced years ago. Alibaba is more than just the of China; it’s responsible for linking American buyers and Chinese sellers in the late 1990s and early 2000s and becoming on the most influential names in the business world today.

About 20 years ago, Alibaba sought to help out small business through the internet. Within its first three years Alibaba had raised $5 million from US investors, organized the first west lake business summit, and had gained 1 million registered users. The business model which had helped lead it to so much success has allowed a variety of products from smaller businesses to reach people in America who wouldn’t get that variety elsewhere. Rather than be charged for registrations, accounts on Alibaba are charged mainly for marketing/technical support, advertisements, and bids. Alibaba is also also strives to provide exceptional customer service, constantly search for new opportunities, and reach out beyond it’s e-commerce system to create and acquire other platforms for advertising, mobile applications, and finance. Alibaba would also go on to organize gatherings with internet entrepreneurs, launch several company branches like Taobao Mall and Alimama for special business purposes, connect with companies like HiChina And Yahoo!, and become a very influential world power.

At Tallamond we have closely studied Alibaba, Amazon, and other successful eCommerce entrepreneurs. As we found out there is growing market in China that is in dire need of aircraft parts, we are building on top of what Alibaba did, now bringing aircraft suppliers in the US together with buyers in China. We make sure our platform is free for registration, provides excellent customer service, and includes a secure and fast checkout. Right now, we’ve connected airline business like Honeywell with suppliers like Airbus and Boeing, allowing people to get the parts they need.

The digital world and platforms like Tallamond and Alibaba haven’t just allowed people to easily get what they want from the comfort of their home or office. They are a huge part of social change , new opportunities, and linking ideas, people, organizations, and nations together in ways that haven’t been done before this century. As Tallamond helps bridge the gap between Chinese and American businesses just as Alibaba had done at the turn of century, the next big e-commerce successes may be right around the corner in world where anyone can help many people through an online business.