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The people who work at Tallamond are passionate about making a positive impact

Winston Lee

Chief Executive Office & Founder

A real entrepreneur who has been in aviation industry for more than 20 years. Winston realized that innovation was needed to greatly improve the way aerospace parts are procured. That is why he dedicated himself to transforming the cost structure of doing business and making buying and selling more convenient.

Tracy Q.

Chief Technology Officer

Tracy worked as a senior program manager in Microsoft. She brought her knowledge and expertise in the technology field, and she built Tallamond e-commerce platform from scratch.

Mary Nichols

Account Manager

Mary is Tallamond’s Chief Financial Officer, bringing more than 20 years of experience in accounting. Since 2015, Mary performed many integral roles at Tallamond including developing our business functions and responsibility for leading our business development team.

Kevin Liu

Sales Engineer

Kevin joined Tallamond in 2016 as the company’s sales engineer, co-leading the products engineering and sales team. Before Tallamond, Kevin worked for Aviation Industry Corporation of China as a senior sales engineer for ten years. AVIC is ranked 159th place in the fortune 500.

Vivian Chiang

Marketing Manager

Vivian joined Tallamond in 2017 as a digital marketing specialist. She is responsible for creating marketing content in different channels, analyzing customers buying behaviors, and improving our visitor’s user experience on